Having Trouble Sleeping? You Might have RSD.

RSD or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy is caused by an injury that is typically

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pain, but with RSF the disease is progressive. The nerves, skin, muscles and blood vessels are hurt. The pain only gets worse. There is also a painful burning sensation on the injurysite, and for many they feel like it’s on fire. The burring is not going to go away at all, it will only get worse. Some who suffer from RSD say that it feels in effect like a red hot poker. Why? It’s because the nerve is still shooting

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is rated at a 42 on the chronic pain index while cancer is a 26. The RSD has been reported in over 7,000,000 cases in the US alone. The numbers are increasing as more and more workers compensation claims involve injuries

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with RSD. What are the symptoms of RSD? • Chronic burning pain • Edema • Discoloration of the skin • Bruising easily • Rashes • RSD Lesions • Spasms in the blood vessels RSD can affect anyone, and most of those that are affected with it

were hard workers up until they were injured at work. What some might havethought as a minor fall, ended up costing themmore than a job? In fact, it ended up costingthem a great deal more. In Queens, New York there are many cases being reported of RSD. Many of them are Workers Compensation claims that have been substantiated by doctors. When most Queens Victims begin their claims they are initially suffering not only from

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