How to stay safe this summer: Do you think you know how?

How to stay safe this summer: Do you think you know how?

With the end of school, the weather is getting warmer and seasonal work is beginning around the country. Recently, Restaurant News stated that the construction industry is the nation’s largest creator of summer jobs. Falling second is the restaurant industry which is the nation’s second largest source of summer employment.

Construction adidas nmd r1 pas cher I s Dangerous Did you know that 19.3 percent of fatalities on-the-job in 2012 came from construction? According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration research, there were 806 deaths in the field construction workers nationwide out of 4,175 total fatalities. The risk of death also increases in the summer time because of these projects and renovations.

Restaurant Industry Business Spikes and So Does Summer Injuries Unfortunately, the restaurant industry can also be a dangerous place during the summer months, especially when inexperienced workers take jobs. This is where specialized lawyers who are versed in workers compensation should be consulted. We offer information on: • Preventing fatalities due to the “Fatal Four” construction injuries • Preventing deaths and injuries within the restaurant industry • Preventing teen injuries on-the-job If employers practice safety,

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workers can enjoy a relatively easy summer. Recently, Ohio State University provided information

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on preventing workplace injuries during summer jobs.The “Hierarchy of Control” is the system coined by researchers there. This system identifies five levels of controlling hazards. It begins with the most effective way to reduce workplace injuries. This includes: • Elimination: Removing the hazard completely from the workplace. In some cases, it is possible to entirely remove dangerous conditions or risk factors. • Substitution: Using a safer alternative

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and ground fault circuit interrupters would be an example of engineering controls. • Administrative controls: Enhancing the training that employees receive; altering work practices to make them safer; or standardizing the procedures used in the workplace. • Personal

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the use of hard hats, safety goggles, fall protection systems and other equipment. As you can see from the list, personal protective equipment, proper training, and more will prevent unnecessary hazards from occurring while business is booming. Using this control system is mutually beneficial to both employers and their staff. Summer’s are hot and tough enough without having to worry about workers compensation. This summer 2014 practice workplace safety.